Data Virtualization

Are you in need of integrating your data from various applications but do not have time for ETL and space for data storage? Data virtualization is our solution for you.

There are many use cases where we need to create a logical data warehouse or integrate data in a very short period without migrating data. Data Virtualization is our choice if you also need to have data integrated or have all data in one place as it is in a data warehouse but do not want to build and maintain ETL jobs or store data. We will be able to make a data virtualization solution in a significantly shorter period and with less budget than a traditional data warehouse or data integration project.

Data can be integrated for a business function, a program, a service, etc. The integration configuration is done thru graphical interfaces and the query is executed in the source system. The data is always real-time.

Reporting and Analytics applications get deduplicated formatted data in real-time and accurate data.