Data Warehouse

Data warehouse needs modernization to support modern downstream applications. A legacy data warehouse solution needs time for maintaining the data warehouse and cannot support concurrent data access. We are experts in providing Enterprise Data Warehouse as a cloud-based solution using Snowflake, AWS, and Azure that has the capabilities required for modern downstream applications.

Delta Lake

Data Lake is not much used in organizations as it is challenging to update or add data. Data Lake needs a batch process, and data is old at least by a day. Data is also available in native formats of the source system and requires a different solution for extracting data from the data lake. Delta Lake is our solution to address all these issues.

Data Visualization

We use multiple business intelligence tools that connect to data sources, data lake, data virtualization, and data analytics and prepares reports and prepares graphs.

Data Catalog

As the business grows, each department needs to develop its applications and create data. The challenge is knowing what data is available and how to obtain it for making use of the data and creating business value. Our solution is to prepare a data catalog.

Data Analytics

Many organization leaders are hesitant to invest in data analytics because of the complexity of implementation or budget. Our solution is cost-effective and focus on business insights.

Data Virtualization

Are you in need of integrating your data from various applications but do not have time for ETL and space for data storage? Data virtualization is our solution for you.

Data Unification

Use our readily available services to Integrate your data in silos and connect your REST clients and BI tools for searching and generating reports. All within a day.